Hi all,

Could anyone help me out here.... I'm trying to work out how to write a very simple server and client that I can first send a string through and then send a file to. For example, I'd send the file name and then the actual file.

Also, does anyone know how to encrypt this as well as just sending it over a plain connection?

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Check out this site:

Thanks, I didn't see any TCPServer in use in that code sample, though it is quite helpful.

Do you have any samples lying around that would illustrate the following:

Sending a string from a TCPClient to a TCPServer
Sending a file from a TCPClient to a TCPServer

It's been a while since I touched anything like this you see and the last time I did anything like this was in Delphi, which was stupidly easy.

Thanks again.

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