I would like to read messages from gsm modem and display it on the a form in c#. How to redirect the result on hyperterminal to a form? is it possible to redirect the result? If possible , can you explain me the procedure or some sample code to display the messages from the gsm modem onto a form in c#?

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Hyperterminal is just a simple connection interface. How are you connecting to the GSM modem? With a SerialPort? USB? You want to get the comms working natively inside your application if you intend to build something useful out of it. Post more information about the hardware and connection methods you're using.


I am just a beginner in my project, i am thinking about the possibility of my project. I know some information of how to do. Please help me.

I am using serial port to communicate with the modem. MY language is C# and using MSComm control in .net to communicate with serial port.
I would like to know this, can i send commands directly from the code without involving hyperterminal to execute commands in the modem an also can i read messages from sim and display on the form.
If possible please explain me how??

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