Hi everyone

I have one we application developed using java,servlet and jsp.
i am running it using Apache tomcat server 5.5.
When i am running it on my local machine, i am given path as

http://localhost:8080/student/ where as student is name of application.

Now if i require run same application on my friend machine which both connected only LAN cable, what neccesarry changes i need to do ?

Both machine are connected only using LAN cable.
is there require any other networking tool to run it on my machine and my friends machine simultaneously.

suggest any changes required in NETWORK PROPERTIES.


you need to call the application using the actual address of your computer on the network, whatever that is.
And even then it won't work unless your computer exposes the server to the outside world, which depends on things like firewall and router settings.


i checked with pinging my machine from other machine using -ping . It shows 'No device found' .

is there any other ways to do it.

no, there isn't. You need to configure your machine and/or the network for it to be visible from the other machine.
And that's not going to be happening by wishful thinking.