I am trying to create a solution in VB.Net (ver 2005). I have created two frames on top of each other and 2 command buttons which will be used to make visible the respective frames when clicked. I have placed the frames exactly on top of each other.

The code I have written in the button1 is

frame1.visible = true
frame2.visible = false

and for button2 the code is

frame1.visible = false
frame2.visible = true

But the first button only does its job and the when i click second button none of the frames are visible.

When i keep the frame side by side its working.

Is there any workaround for this so that I can toggle between frames depending upon user selection.

Many Thanks,

Do you have to use frames?

You could use System.Web.UI.WebControls.Panel instead?

Do you have to use frames?

You could use System.Web.UI.WebControls.Panel instead?

Hi Holly,

Thanks for your reply. But I am developing Office application and the control I would like to make visible/invisible is a Groupbox. I tried with Panel also but it doesn't seems to work either.

Help me get rid of this problem...



What is the frame you are using? i am using a GroupBox1 and GroupBox2 and it works fine.
I also tried it with panel 1 and panel2 and works fine.

Also, what do you have in the frames? Do you have any other routines that might be affecting the components inside the frames?


Hi William,

I am using the Groupboxes named TblOptions, RowOptions, CellOptions respectively.

I am placing few checkboxes, Combo boxes on these groupbox for user to select their functionality.

I am placing these controls on a User control form. What I am trying to do is to create a custom task pane for Word 2007. Whenever I place the Groupbox on top of each other, the boxes which are on top doesn't seems to be there.

I tried getting the name of the controls on the Form but the groupboxes on top doesn't count.

Please advise.


When you say you are developing an office application, are you using MS office or something you have built from scratch?