i need a software which crawl the web and extract emails uppon on keywords,

has anyone tried a good solution, for free and also not for free ? :?:

I don't think this is the right forum for your question, unless you plan on writing this program in C or C++.

Actually i m wondering whether i should write that soft or not, i think it s pretty easy.
the question is why not doing this using C ?,
or may be delphi or vb !
what do you think ?

> the question is why not doing this using C ?
Because C doesn't provide native support for crawling the web, and there aren't any commonly used libraries for it. In the time you would take to find a library to do what you want and learn it, you could have written, tested, and debugged something workable in Perl.

So you would build a web interface ?, i di not think about that, i m not very familiar with perl, can u build user interface on windows with this language ?,
finally i think i ld go with java with its swing classes and a lot lib are available.

with C it would be interesting from scratch but time consuming i assume