Is there any books you guys know of that someone like me that dont know anything about programming can use C++/VB what ever something that is quick and easy to understand. Something really simple something you guys can recommand.

Thanks again

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C++ and VB are two totally different animals. Do you want to get into the .NET archetecture? Hmm ... I'm not really a book person, I just look for a bunch of tutorials on the www. I go to a lot but it's not really a beginner's site.

Pretty soon I'll be posting my intro to programming tutorials up here, so I'm sure those will be a help to you.

Thanks I looked at that site and then I told myself bye bye programming lol bye bye too much info I dont know a thing nor after looking at that site do I want to. lol

Well, what are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to learn programming in general or want to start developing applications as soon as possible? Both of these languages have their ups and downs. Let me know what it is you're looking for.

I'm a big books person when it comes to learning and I rarely turn to online tutorials. When I do, it's usually for reference or some unique thing I'm trying to do. I'm always interested in learning "the right way" of doing something, "the standard way." Sometimes I have doubts about the validity of online tutorials that's why I turn to a popular brand of books (Wrox, Sams, Osborne, New Riders, O'Reilly). Even if the brand is good, it still doesn't guarantee anything, but the chances of correct information are higher than most online tutorials (books go through several technical editors). Also, with a book you can easily flip pages back and forth, label stuff, mark it, and take it with you wherever you go. With an online book, you're limited to a computer (unless you print it).

If you're still interested in learning, let me know. C++ and VB are used more for desktop applications than web applications.

Nah man I made up my mind I cant right now too much going on I cant even keep up programming a cisco router right now is a bad time I will hold programming for maybe some time mid/late next year thanks for the help.

Cool run on sentence! Anyways, let me know if you're still interested. ;)

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for C++


Beginning C++ the complete Tlanguage

by Ivor Horton from Wrox

for VB

Mastering VB 6

by E.Petroustosos

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