Hello all:

I am quite new to C++; so far I have used it for finance-related database management. I need to incorporate code for solving an algebraic problem and I am stuck on how to write the code. I would be grateful for any assistance!

The problem I want to solve is similar to the system of equations shown in the attachment. There is one exception: there is no term containing "f" (the middle term in the attached system).

Regarding the math, my thinking is that if I specify u at u (i, 0)--e.g., time t = 0 and u (0, t)--i = 0, then I should be able to take a u calculated on the right hand side of the equation and substitute it on to the left hand side the next step.

If this kind of problem rings a bell for anyone, I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction as far as the coding. Thank you, everyone.

I suspect this is beyond my abilities at the moment. But perhaps we can clarify for someone else...

Your example looks like a series generator. Are you trying to accept seed values (I think d, T, k, and 'alpha') which are then used as the starting point for generation of a series of numbers? Or am I way off the mark?