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Is that it?

C'mon, make an effort FFS.

The code is 90% C++ to begin with. Rip off the static void main and the damn thing will very nearly compile as C++.

Well it ought to be close enough for you to at least have an attempt yourself.

Being able to crib from something else which is "close enough" to what you want is a vital skill. Even if you don't know any C# at all (I don't), it's possible to have a pretty damn good idea about what it is doing.

So take that and re-express it in C++.


the problem is that some of the funtions like "Color.FromArgb" doesn't work in borland. If it is so easy - will you make translate the code to c++ for me :)


I said "close enough for you to make an attempt yourself".

Whining that the API you want doesn't exist in the form you want doesn't count. Have you studied the whole C++ bitmap API and related topics for an API which might do the same job?

This should be a minor obstacle, one that you've so far failed to show any sign of attempting yourself.

> If it is so easy - will you make translate the code to c++ for me

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