I am trying to write a reflection bot for runescape. I am stuck at the part where I add hooks to the client to get the values of the variables. I already wrote the loader. The problem is, the runescape client is obfuscated, so finding hooks is a challenge, and every time runescape is updated, the client is re-obfuscated and all the hooks change.

My theory is that I can load up all the fields in the runescape applet and print their name and value repeatedly and search for the value of the hook I want. Is there a way to do this and is it practical? Or is there a better way. If someone would suggest de-obfuscating the client, I am totally clueless on how one would do that. 400 a's, b's, and pb.ac's are quite confusing. Those are the names of all the classes and fields in the jar.

I also tried using jdb, but it is really annoying because it works almost nothing like the gnu gdb and is very non-standard and the help is disorganized. Is gdb the key to cracking runescape? I also have another theory that I can search for 100 in iHaxGames (It's like cheat engine) so that I can find the address of the run energy field and then trace back through java to find where that memory was declared in the class files.

Also, after I find all the hooks, could I take all the method data like numbers of fields and methods and method parameters and code them into the application where it searches through all the classes until it finds the right one?

As you can see, I am either close or completely clueless. Please help. I attached the source if anyone wants it.

no doubt using bots in runescape is as against the rules as it is in every other mmo, so why should we help you cheat?

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