hi, i am trying to build a simple program where system asking info (name,age,sex & location) to make a table using do-while loop.

for each info will create one new row in table that i dont know how to make..

please help me...

here, i made for one single row only:

public static void main (String args[])
	String name, age, sex, location, ans;
	Scanner scanner=new Scanner(System.in);
	do {

	System.out.print("Name: ");
	System.out.print("Age: ");
	System.out.print("Gender: ");
	System.out.print("Location: ");
	System.out.print("Do you want another input??  YES / NO:") ;

	while (ans.equals("yes")); 
		System.out.print("Here is the full data");
	JFrame frame=new JFrame("TABLE");
	JPanel panel=new JPanel();
	panel.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
	DefaultTableModel model= new DefaultTableModel();

 Vector<String> vCol = new Vector<String>();
 vCol.addElement("Name"); 	vCol.addElement("Age");  	vCol.addElement("Sex");   	vCol.addElement("Location");
 Vector<String> row= new Vector<String>();
 row.addElement(name); row.addElement(age); row.addElement(sex); row.addElement(location);
Vector<Vector> vRow=new Vector<Vector>();

		model = new DefaultTableModel(vRow, vCol); 
		JTable table = new JTable(model);
     	JScrollPane	scrollpane = new JScrollPane(table);
     panel.add(scrollpane, BorderLayout.CENTER);


what now you got while run this program...

every time is it replace existing one?

if yes then you read rows from Jtable and add it in vector along with this you add new data(row)..and then add it to jtable..

Create a class with name, age, ... as attributes. With each loop create that object and put it into a Vector.
Then write code that displays the values of the Objects inside the Vector at the table