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  • [code=vb]dim x as string x = "hello world" if instr(1, x, " ") <> 0 then msgbox "yeah, space." else msgbox "no sir!" end if[/code] Read More

dim x as string
x = "hello world"
if instr(1, x, " ") <> 0 then
     msgbox "yeah, space."
     msgbox "no sir!"
end if
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Thank you, here is good reputation for you.

Bah :icon_eek:

Wish I would have caught that it was homework :/

This is not a homework or assignment. It is a thesis program. I am making a reservation system and I want my the username and password should be no space in between. I won't post here if it is just an assignment. I am making a big system, after I finished it I will share this here and on planetsourcecode.com so anyone can have a look for reference.


Nice and complete comatose.
I didn't want to do the guys homework so I replied with a ref to the function name only.

Not sure how you can report double posting since I'm new here but this is one is a repeat from nagatron.


I am not doing homework man, just see as soon as I finished the system. I will not ask for help here anymore.


comatose, thank you for the information you gave me. I will include you as one of the contributor of the system. I will post it in there the zip file of the system as soon as I can. Thank you again. This thread is solved.

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