hi, i am developing a mobile application for my company, but i am having some problems storing and retrieving data from my database which is located in my server. Does any one know how i can do it. Using rms will only get the data out from the server stored in my pc. How do i solve this problem?please help me

best way would be to use web services or something similar, and have a process on the server retrieve the data.
The mobile client asks that process for data, it retrieves it using jdbc, and sends it to the mobile client where it's presented.

any suggestion which sort of services to use???

hi, i have a computer that dispalys a blue screen everytime windows is trying to start up. it displays a blue screen (that lasts for a few seconds) and then it restarts again. And the process is repeated. What could be the cause of this problem? Could it by any chance be my memory card?