Is there a method that, say, for example... you open a file, and usually the cursor would be at the end right? Is there a function or method that would set the cursor back to the beginning of the file?


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When you open a file, the cursor is at the beginning of the file. However

goes to the beginning of the file. Finally, read this.

If you want to write something at the start of a file though you would need to do something like this

#opening the file in read ("r") mode
f = open("file.txt",'r')
#get all that is in the text file so far
oldString = f.readlines()
#and close it

#delete it so we can reopen the file in write mode ('w')
del f

#the string we are adding
newString = """
This will go
At the start"""

#writing the new string

for line in newString.split("\n"):

#writing the old string
for line in oldString:

#closing the file


That is untested code.. so im not quite sure how it will work, but hopefully it shows the concept i am trying to show :)

hope it helps :)

You can easily explore it yourself ...

# exploring Python's file random access


fname = 'test103.txt'

# create a test file
fout  = open(fname, "w")

# open the test file for reading
fin = open(fname, "r")

# file positions are zero based
# tell the current file position
print( fin.tell() )   # 0
# read the byte at that position
print( )  # A
# after reading 1 byte the position has advanced by 1
print( fin.tell() )   # 1
# read the next byte
print( )  # B
print( fin.tell() )   # 2

# move the position to 10
# read the byte at position 10
print( )  # K

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