Hi friendz,

I completed a project in VB6 recently, its a database handling project,

Problem is,
I have created a SETUP with all its required files via PDW wizard, when I run that setup just before completing the setup there came a message that "System files are outdated" so I cant run my project's EXE,

What to do..???
where to get those required updated files, or some other way to create the setup which give me all supported files as well,

my project is having ACCESS database, and I am using ADODC.

help me, urgent......

The PDW is a bit outdated, but with that said, if you run it as admin and still recieve this error message, it should be no problem. However, if you do have problems with your program you might want to download Windows Installer 1.1 or inno. Windows Installer is the upgrade for the PDW (kind of it is actually the replacement for it).

Good Luck

Windows Installer 1.1 is for win98 but I want setup for window7 and XP,

may I use advance version,?

Windows Installer 1.1 is the same technology as the latest version and as such it is still viable and will work better than the PDW on Win7, it just does not have all the bells and whistles as the latest version. Also the latest version, as far as I know, does not know about VB6 and as such, you would need the SDK, which is in C++ and Windows Installer was made for visual studio as a replacement for the PDW...

Good Luck

guyz I still cant find the exact solution,

My EXE file is working fine in my machine and have all related files as well but still un able to create an accurate setup Package for all users,

agr aj mjy ksi sy SETUP create nai kr k dya with all required files tau mein sb ko mar don ga or khud b mar jao ga,


dear must start ur own thread,
state full prob there,

tell me please the solution u got, as i am also facing same problem dear.


registerthose files and than use any setup creator,

tell me please the solution u got, as i am also facing same problem dear.


register those files and than use any setup creator,

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