I have a project on creating a program that asks for the propertys actual value. Then it showes the assessed value (which is 60% of the actual value). Then it shows the property tax (which is $.64 for every $100 of assessed value). I have gotten a TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for * : 'function' and 'float'. I am stuc here and have tryed almost everything I an think of and I am just learning Python. I would appreciate your help if you can!
Heres what I have so far:

def main():
     assessed = (value * 0.6)

def value():
     value = input("Enter the actual value: ")

def avalue():
     print "The assessed value is $%0.2f" % assessed

def ptax():
     tax = ( (assessed / 100) * 0.64)
     print "The property tax is $%0.2f" % tax


Thanks again!!

You may want to read up on passing parameters/arguments to and from functions:

Notice that the code examples are written to be used with the older Python2 and the newer Python3 syntax.

Also, check your spelling of function names and don't use the same names for variables and functions.