:cry: I have searched forever, need help, I am an older person, who ejoys to play games, for some reason one of the sites I was using I can no longer get into. I get the java applet failed, and applet not inited, I have checked in internet options and the only java that is checked is jre 1.5.0_02 for <applet>. also get that weird red X in top left of window
please someone help me

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How long have you dealt with this error? Is it possible the servers at fault, and it's just a communication error? I would contact the administrator of the site and see what they say. Check in the java console, you never know the classname they are providing could be wrong.


The problem seems to have started when we downloaded microsft SP11, but all the other games work just fine, we know it is not anything to do with the administrator, we have checked and unchecked the java options in internet options and tried all variations, and still nothing.

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