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hey i got a question for you, how did you get the icon associated with your program? I have been looking for a way to do this, inside or outside the code.

Well as i am using DEV-C++, there is a function in there to use an icon. I simply chose it from a library.

If you are looking for an alternative (if you don't have that function), you should first of all have your application file in a directory (eg. program.exe).

Then, you need to create the icon file with the same name as your program (but different extension)

After this you should have:


I am not entirely sure about this, however, so it is probably worth searching for a tutorial on google or something ;)

Hope ya get it sorted!

There is a function on Dev c++? Where is it? I am running version

Hi scotty, hope you get this as its a bit late :lol:

When in Dev-C++, open the project in question and press ALT-P.

You should see a window named "Project Options". In the bottom left corner of the GENERAL tab there is an Icon selecter. However, I am using so if you can't find it that is probably why :mrgreen:

Hope u get it sorted ;)