Hey, I have a strange problem. I added an image as the background image for a form in VB.net. When I run the program, after approx. 5-6 seconds, the image partially overlays itself, as in an offset overlay of the underlying image.

I never had this problem in VB6, but I did have it the other time I used a background image on a form in VB.Net. I managed to fix it last year, but forgot how I did it. The previous program resides on an old computer in the closet. I'm hoping to find an answer without pulling the old machine out and hooking it back up.

Anyone else had this problem? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Re: form image problem 80 80

Ok. I saw a thread about someone who had a problem with the background image on a form flickering. Not the same problem I had, but the solution to that fixed my problem also. I set the form's doublebuffered property to true. Now my form's background image is stable, and doesn't overlay itself after 5-6 seconds.

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