Hello everyone!
If I try to Assemble the following with MASM, I get this error:

.model small
    message db "Hello world!", "$"    
main   proc
   mov   ax,seg message
   mov   ds,ax
   mov   ah,09
   lea   dx,message
   int   21h
   mov   ax,4c00h
   int   21h
main   endp
end main

And this is my error:

Assembling: C:\Users\Benjamin\Desktop\Assembly\Source\Main.asm
C:\Users\Benjamin\Desktop\Assembly\Source\Main.asm(8) : error A2004: symbol type conflict
C:\Users\Benjamin\Desktop\Assembly\Source\Main.asm(18) : warning A4023: with /coff switch, leading underscore required for start address : main
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 7401-5BDD

 Directory of C:\Users\Benjamin\Desktop\Assembly\Source

10-02-2010  18:47               253 Main.asm
               1 File(s)            253 bytes
               0 Dir(s)  216.276.365.312 bytes free

And as this is my first Assembly program, I have no idea at all how to fix this, so any help will be appreciated :).

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Well the error message says it all really.

It's complaining about an _

So do as it says, and add an _

Simple? No?


Thanks a lot for your reply, but I fixed it myself by adding the underscore and getting a new Assembler :).

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