I am new to Java GUI development
I installed the NetBeans IDE

I have not used anything other than Visual Studio in my life

I have studied Java in school and college and am familiar with it

So i was able to create a basic application but don't know how to add a Class Library

In Visual Studio i can do this by

File >> Add >> New Project >> Class Library

and if i want to use the library, i can just have a using statement(c#) and then use the functions in the class library

But in NetBeans i am lost. Can anyone please point me in the right direction??

I know this is a total noob question but its just that i dont know.

File > Project Properties > Libraries
Add the folder/jar/etc in the Compile tab.

Eureka Eureka Eureka.

I feel at home coding Java as i am coming from C# background

Thanks for helping.

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