Create a computer application to maintain the product inventory of a T-shirt distributor using a database. Each record will contain a T-shirt name, a price, and the quantity on hand. The inventory can manage a maximum of 30 different shirts. The database you implement should allow a user to add product information, delete product information, and update the product's price and quantity, if necessary.
In addition, the application should be able to perform the following tasks:
1) display a product record and all its associated fields.
2) print a report showing all the product names, prices and quantity on hand, for each T-shirt record stored in the database.
The original database records are stored in a file called "TeeShirt_Records.txt." The application should read the records from the "TeeShirt_Records.txt" file and store them in the database. Call the database "TINV." When a user is finished using the application, the database records should be written back to a new file called "TeeShirt_Records_New.txt" using an "ofstream" object.

Call the driver for the application "TeesForHaiti.cpp" and call the class that implements the database inventory program "TINV". Read the tee shirt records using a "ifstream" from the file called "TeeShirt_Records.txt" and store them into an array of user defined structures of type "tee_record" called "Tee_DB". Let the maximum size of tee_DB be 30. Again, call the class "TINV". Remember, to put the class declaration in the file called “tinv.h” and the implementation in the file called "tinv.cpp". Remember, “TeesForHaiti.cpp” will be your driver program.

You may consider the executable skeleton below when implementing the class "TINV":

Be sure to design and document your program well. Always using good style.

The source code for the files TeesForHaiti.cpp, tinv.h, and tinv.cpp electronically through blackboard in the Assignments area before the due date and due time.

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