Hi, I'm searching for an XML streamming parser, but I dont know wich one I must use.

I have to parse very large files, and i need to use threads because i need to do some things before the parsing of all the file has finished (that's what a streamming parser is, i think...)

In Java I allways use XPP (XML Pull Parsing), but now I have to use C++.

I read that EXPAT and XERCES are good parsers, but I would like to know if it's posible to parse a file and do some accions before the parsing has finished.

Could someone tell me if it's possible and give some advises so that I could decide wich is the best parser???

Thank you!

Well IIRC, both operate as a series of callback functions into your own code (you get a callback at each node, element, attribute etc).

If your callbacks collectively track where you are in the parse, you can trigger whatever you want to happen when you feel the time is right.