I'm trying to make my code work with -Wall -Werror flags but I get the above error (error: array subscript has type char). Here is the code, which works if these flags are not set. The code is meant to check whether the first character from text is blank or not.

void processText(char *text, int *position) {
    if (isblank(text[0])) { // error: array subscript has type char
        *position = *position + 1;
        text = text + 1;
        processText(text, position);

I've tried



isblank(text[0]- '0')

. They do allow it to compile with no errors under -Wall -Werror flags but the result is completely different which probably means the conversion isn't correct.

Any help is appreciated :icon_cheesygrin:


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where are you getting the isblank() function from?

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where are you getting the isblank() function from?

I replaced it with isspace() and used isspace((int)text[0]) to fix it. It works now. :icon_mrgreen:

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