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I'm a newbie .. The task is to parse the given CSV file .
CSV file (Student marks list ) which has 5 columns seperated by Comma delimiter :

and the data structure is :
- class details (class name,section) only one class details CSV
- student details (student id, student name)
- marks details (sub_code,sub_name,marks,status,comments)

The task is to use independent parser class , so that it can be used by other projects (reusability).

Hence, I have used different stand-alone classes for the 5th standard(class), and student class and marks class with appropriate get().set() methods;

Now i don't know how to code for parsing...
The main thing to maintain here is to follow the correct hierarchy.
->Student 1
->5 Subjects Marks

->Student 2
->5subjects Marks

->Student 3
->5subjects Marks

Please do help me from the scratch ...

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>Now i don't know how to code for parsing...

Take a look at String class methods, especially Split method..

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