I have never used a command-line compiler before and I'm very confused now. I need to use this compiler for my home assignments in one of my subjects in University.

I installed the compiler but I don't know how to use it.

Help file says:
To see a list of the commonly used compiler options, type BCC32 at the command line (without any options or file names), then press ENTER. This list displays the options that are enabled by default.

When I do that, the black box pops up, and closes immediately after. I guess there is something trivial to make it work, right?

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Are you executing bcc32.exe from a command prompt or from Windows Explorer? You can't do it with Explorer.

What platform are you on?

Assuming you're on windows, it sounds like you're typing bcc32 in the 'run a command' box. If that's the case, try typing 'cmd' in that dialog to bring up the black terminal, and then try bcc32.

Without knowing the platform or exactly what you're doing, I can't provide any more assistance.

That was it, thank you.

I typed in 'cmd', then 'bcc32' and saw the list of options. I'll test how this thing works and ask more questions, if I'll have any. :)

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