Hello everyone.

I am trying to write an application that uses OpenGL (with GLFW) for graphics. It is meant to be as portable as possible, and I try not to have direct interface with platform specific things other than through GLFW (I can also use SDL).

The problem is that when I build and run my app, the Command Prompt pops up behind the GUI window.

I know that there are ways to disable this, as I have done it before when I was using MSVC.

My question is: How can I disable the command prompt (only using the GUI window) in a way that is safe and completely portable?

Be aware that by portable, I mean within the realm of GCC (MinGW on windows).

Right now I'm using MinGW with Msys make (as required by NetBeans on Windows) and just GCC and NetBeans on Linux.

In the future, I plan to port this to other platforms supported by OpenGL, GCC (or a port), and some cross platform interface (SDL, GLFW, or some light-weight wrapper like that).

Thank you very much, I appreciate any help.

No answer for a week? Do I really fail so badly at asking normal questions?