I need to tackle the question of threading in Visual C# application development. In its most basic use, I will need to "branch out" to SQL SPs (for example), but need to be able to inform the user that "I'm doing something" - such as the following outline:

1- user clicks a button
2- C# puts up a message saying "blah blah blah"
3- C# makes a call to SQL to process data and load a datagridview
4- C# resumes normal operation (i.e. takes down the message, or replaces it
with an error if something goes wrong).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this kind of C# programming, please do NOT assume any knowledge on my part of the THREADING terminology or specific THREADING methodology involved in making sure that step #2 above is executed BEFORE step #3, and that step #4 executes after step #3 completes.

Many thanks.


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For applying threading in your application you have to learn what actually threading is and how it is processed for to understand the concept please follow these links link 1..... link2.......LINK3........... link4

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