Hi friends,
This is not java technical question. I am doing project java thats why i am posting here.
I am doing project for SUMMARIZATION OF DOCUMENT.
I finished 90 percent of my project.
To test my project i need Data Set ( That means, Document with summarization ) .
So, if any one idea regarding this please send the link to collect the document or send the data set.
If any send the data set if will be really usefull to me.

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there's an entire internet full of documents out there, and you're too lazy to go out and find a few to use?


hello.... I know in internet lots of document available... I also collected more sets of document.... I also know some websites name like 20newsgroup ........ I am doing real time project and also researching in IEEE paper..... So without knowing simply don't tell i am lazy.... may be your are lazy to give proper answer and discourage people like me..... i collected more document... I am doing real time project so I need to test 1000s of document and also i am comparing my software with existing one. so,If i test my software with lots of document only i can able to find which one will give best result.............. thats why i asked help in this fourm... if you don't know ... .don;t command and discourage people like me...... Sorry to tell this...... this forum is just to help people....... so and discourage people and without knowing don't command about others....... We are here to help people only.......... not to command about others characters..... You join in this fourm in 2004....... i am new to this forum..... so don't discourage me.... you may be expert...... for that you don't have rights to command others.........

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unreadable monoblock of text - learn some punctuation, and how to use . only once at the end of each sentence. Just like this.
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