write a definition of a class named Point that might be used to store and manipulate the location of a point in the plane.

a. A member function set that sets the private data after an object of this class is created.

b. A member function to move the point by an amount along the vertical and horizontal directions specified by the first and second arguments.

c. A member function to rotate the point by 90 degrees clockwise around the origin.

d. Two const inspector functions to retrieve the current coordinates of the point.

Here is what I have for code so far ... but I am kind of lost in getting it to shift point locations as desired and I am getting errors....

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>

using namespace std;

class Point
void initialize(double init_x, double init_y);
void shift(double dx, double dy);
double get_x();
double get_y();
double x;
double y;


int main()
Point p1;
Point p2;

p1.initialize(-1.0, 0.8);
cout << p1.get_x() << p1.get_y() << endl;
cout << p2.get_x() << p2.get_y() << endl;
p2.shift(1.3, -1.4);
cout << p2.get_x() << p2.get_y() << endl;

return 0;

void Point::initialize(double init_x, double init_y)
x = init_x;
y = init_y;

double Point::get_x()
return x;

void Point::shift(double dx, double dy)
x = x - y;
y = x;

I think this function

void Point::shift(double dx, double dy)

shoudl add dx to the x member and add dy to the y member.

As to errors, please post the exact error message (or pertinent parts thereof) and where in your code you think the problem lies.

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