Visual Tkinter is Python 2.6 GUI builder. Visual Python programming language for advanced Visual Python IDE that offers the possibility. As of December 2008 starting and writing fasting Editor. This software is using Scintilla editing component.


I would not support any spammer.

That particular software is very early alpha at best.
At this point it is very clumsy and will frustrate you thoroughly!

Why? its free software. this is BETA version. Visual Basic or Delphi ide like to do Python GUI.

Why? its free software. this is BETA version. Visual Basic or Delphi ide like to do Python GUI.

First of all, most of us simply do not read Turkish.
The code it produces is darn ugly and has errors.
You cannot run the code from the IDE. It will simply not run because of those errors. Also, no error messages show up.

Here is an example of code produced putting one button on a window ...

#	Project Name	:	Visual Tkinter Python IDE for 2.6
#	Project Date	:	1 3 - 1 2 - 2 0 0 9
#	Author		:	livetogogo
#	Contact		:

#!/usr/bin/env python
#-*- coding:utf-8-*-

from Tkinter import *
from tkMessageBox import *

MainWindow.title("Form 1")
MainWindow.resizable(width=FALSE, height=FALSE)

def Button1Click():
	print "Visual Python IDE... "

Button1=Button(text="Button1", command=Button1Click), rely=button1height, relwidth=0.1, relheight=0.20)


I leave it to you to find the errors in this code.
Seems to use tabs for indentations!
There is free and good and there is free and bad., rely=button1height, relwidth=0.1, relheight=0.20)

this code is better than., rely=0.2, relwidth=0.1, relheight=0.20)

The aim here is to create a position automatically.

Did you find the errors?

This was very bad,not worth anyone times.
The gui builder for wxpython could be better,but they are much better than this.

There is SpecTcl and VisualPython (3D) as well, but is anyone going to use a 'visual' front end to Tkinter. It is easier to generate your own code IMHO.

also two versions of Visual Tkinter is going fine.

Hey everybody?
New here but I thought about dropping a line on the topic.
Found a nifty website at that works for tkinter
on python3.x it supports session saving and generates pretty neat code for
download. Origin seems to be Chinese but does hitch up on RAD.

commented: Be timely. Over 9 years late so this borders on being spam. -3
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