Hi everyone!

I am in Windows XP and this has been my problem whenever i use graphics mode in C. We are required to use the Borland Turbo C compiler IDE (with the blue background thing.)

Here is the problem:

Whenever I run the program in graphics mode, it always runs on full screen. Is there a possible way to restore the size of the program (or the window of the program) such that it becomes a window?

Suppose that I have made all correct initializations to access the graphics mode, is there a possible way to restore the size of the program from full screen?

Please help me. Thank you so much. Just ask me if you need more clarifications..

This may sound like a silly question but did you try hitting ALT-Enter while it's running?

I don't know much about the specifics but from what I've seen on here the later the windows version the less it's compatible with the BGI. I don't think the compiler itself will even run on Vista or later.

Yeah. When I hit Alt + Enter, the window minimizes. When I click on the minimized window, it runs on full screen.

Yah, you're right. I've been wondering how to. Thanks for your reply.