Hi all,

I have a VS2008 winform application that connects to an Access 2007 database. However, I have been given the task of converting it so that it connects to SQL Server 2005 instead. (I've already migrated the data + database over without too many problems).

The question is... is there an easy way of updating all of the connections in the application? I can connect to the SQL Server database without any problems, but the schema is now slightly different so just changing the connection string through settings doesn't work.

The application is pretty big with several datagridviews, tableadapters, bindingsources, etc connecting to one dataset. So adding a new dataset and amending all the connections individually is going to be pretty messy.

Does VS2008 have any sort of upscaler for this type of occasion? If not, why not Microsoft?!!!

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I would probably create a class with a static method in it that returned the connectionstring. I would then do a global search for the 'new sqlconnection' statement and replace it with your new static method.

Not a piece of cake and I would make a backup before doing anything.

Hope this helps

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