Hi all.
Can you please give me some ideas for software engineering project. This is not my final year project. Just a project for this course. There will be no implementation of the project. It only involves Documentation.

So please help me.
Thanks in advance

A real-life project: Write a computer program that reads data from a serial port that contains UPC product codes from an external scanner device. Use that UPC code as a key to look up product information in an SQL database (such as MS-Access, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc) then display the information on the screen and transmit it out another serial port to a Large Character Printer (you need not know technical specs of the printer, just send the product data.)

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Ancient Dragon i always found you very patient and giving very good ideas on daniweb. I appriciate your reply. But can you please give me any other idea which is more involved and a bit high in degree of difficulty?

Thanks a lot sir.

Maybe you will find sometime a little more interesting in the field of artificial intelligence and handwriting recognition.

> But can you please give me any other idea which is more involved and a bit high in degree of difficulty?
And thus the Goldilocks problem is revealed, and why it is futile to ever attempt getting involved in "plz suggest a project" threads.

Any answer we come up with is either:
- too easy (30%)
- too hard (60%)
- just right (10%)
It's already a crap shoot with losing odds.

But that's not the end of it. No sirreee, not by a long shot.
Having failed miserably at thinking of a topic, they're going to be just as clueless on the implementation side as well.

Natural next questions being:
- can you explain it in more detail
- can you help me do it
- can you ....
IOW, nothing but an open ended time sink

To even come close to answering this kind of question with any degree of accuracy, you would need to post details of the courses you have taken, the grades you got and your general level of interest in each subject.
Picking a decent project based on your first post would be an extraordinary feat of extrapolation

introduction to computer science A
Computer Programming A+
Data Structures A
Operating System A
Database A
Object Oriented Design & Analysis A+
Computer Networks C+

Are me grades. Actually i m in CS field by my choice. I love to work low level programming means system programming or device driver programming.
Also i have interest in interface designing e.g java (Swing).

But actually in our university Object Oriented Design & Analysis(OOAD) is the prerequisite of software engineering. In OOAD we have made an application in java swing and also done its implementation. But in software engineering we are aupposed to do only documentation not implementation.

So can you now give me a good idea for project? It has 20% marks in this course. And 1 thing i want to tell you that the grades that i have told you are really mine. you can believe me.

thanks in advance. Waiting for a good idea

A mid-90's Alicia Silverstone movie pops into mind for some reason.

> In OOAD we have made an application in java swing and also done its implementation.
So document this then, if your SE course is just about documentation.

Identify a project that is of interest to you.

Do you have any boardgames that you like the advantage of picking such a project is that you can test that your design ideas
are implementable by making test versions of some of the design.

This will not be a waste of time as you might even want a final working version to play around with yourself for fun.

The other plus is that there are core elements such as the
logging positions

and you have the option to extend the design to a multi-user web application with databases of ranks etc.

So that you have several options as to where you can stop your design.

Be careful not to pick something that you don't know how you
would design the modules. Remember this doesn't need to lead to an application that is better than anything else that exists it is about thinking through the design and viewing pitfalls. This should therefore include test modules to test your functions.

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tetron Thanks a lot sir. Thanks for your help.

Saleem there is no project whose implementation can be done before its documentation. So its a well known thing that if i have implemented that application then i also have done its documentation.

Ancient Dragon thanks a lot for your help. You are really a helpful person.

Thanks all of you

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