I downloaded the "msi "version seeing that i was not able to install and run the "as" version from activestate.com.However i got an icon on the downloaded file as " open with " sign. So i gave it a winzip format as the "as" version was in that format.Then i was unable to extract it.I read in the perl installation guide that the perl msi version comes in the form of installation package and the wizard helps you out but this did not happen with me.Is any software missing on my pc? Please help me out

I tried it on my win98 machine. The MSI version kept hanging at the making html step. Extracted the AS version to D:\ActivePerl-5.8.7-813-MSWin32-x86-148120\ActivePerl-5.8.7-813-MSWin32-x86-148120\
using winrar (like that better as it does rar, zip, tar, gz, etc)

I would have been happy with D:\Perl but oh well lol. Cd'd into that directory and typed perl\bin\perl.exe installer.bat That ran thru a bunch of commands that didn't hang on the making html bit although it did take quite a while.

It seems to work now with .pl files although many of my old version perl files are dying with this version...

Did winzip display an error when you tried to unzip the AS file?


My MSI on 98 installed it without hardly any interaction at all, at c:\perl\bin\ (for the perl.exe and some other fun exe's that came with it).

Yeah I proly just got too impatient and stopped the MSI version. The installer.bat is in the zip AS version too. I was using slower computer so that might have been why it seemed so slow :) Only thing I found I really needed full path for is the *.pl script itself. Just perl.exe works from both start/run and dos prompt as long as perl/bin directory is in path (which installer.bat makes sure of).