i am making a project in which i have to read barcode from scanned document and i have got a piece of code with its demo version from internet.but the thing which i am unable to understand in its demo version is that when the demo reads my scanned document it gives me some alphabetic value but i think what it should return is the code written at the bottom of the barcode which is the numeric value.now plz tell me what is the correct output i am confused between two.and if it is coded in alphateic form then how it is converted to numeric format so that i may confirm that whatever output i am getting is right.

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For example EAN13 (UPC in US) will use 30 different sequence to represent 10 numeric values.

At the berginning could you tell little bit more specific which code trying to encodce.

Alright, so for your example are you scanning a 1D or 2D barcode (in otherwords, the usual barcode you'd see at a super market, or items like a QR code or data matrix).

Now from what you have said, it sounds like you are trying to scan a 1D barcode, which, if I recall right, can only contain numerical values. Since you mention you are getting Alphabetic characters, I have to wonder if you have your code configured correctly

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