I`m taking java class and I`m thinking about getting one of those mini laptops just to do my school work and be able to access the internet.

for the price and portability, I`m looking at the Acer Aspire One AO532h-2326

I`d like to get an advice from you guys. How good or bad it is?
Thanks guys

hi friend, sorry to say but you ask question at wrong side :-)
you post this question at hardware section those guys give you exact solution here also some buddy can answer you but probability at hardware side is high.
If you worried about that your laptop get some problem with java so i say that don't worry about that java is platform independent language
you can run build java applications at any plat form( i.e any working computer )i think it helps you .
Have a good day!

If it is made by Acer then I'd never buy it. Buy a different brand with a better reputation. Acer laptops are made cheaply. They will not survive any wear and tear.

Acer netbooks are quite nice :)

I've just had bad personal experiences with them. I've known two people whose screens have separated from the keyboard part of the computer and one whose computer failed for some reason I don't remember. Ok, that isn't really a good sample of their customer base, so maybe they aren't the xbox 360 of netbook companies. .