Hi I use visual studio to make my programs. I know that to copy the output of the program, you have to right click, mark, highlight, and then copy. But almost all the time when I try to paste nothing happens, and by that time the output box disappreared so it gets real annoying. Anyone have the same problem and figure out the secret to it? Thanks.

Hitting enter finishes the copying process. Put something like cin.get() at the end of your code to get a pause effect so that you'll have more time.

Actually after it is highlighted, I have to press ctrl c. Tried pressing those and hitting enter right after with the code line you showed me but it's still not working, might try a different compiler. Thanks

I went and tested it out. Usually you can right click on the terminal window and it brings up the context menu, but I had to go up to the upper left hand (system) menu, go to Edit, mark, highlight it, hit enter (that part I remembered correctly). Then you should be all set. I know the ctrl-c ctrl-v is convention for most things but this case is different.

The cin.get() only serves to hold the screen from closing it has nothing to do with the copy/paste.