Hello guys i was wondering if someone could please post me a full FTP or SMTP uploading source code in C++ with all i need to #include.I just need a simple code to upload a file to my ftp server or send it to my mail.I searched the whole place here and could not find anything :(
Please help!


Good luck with that one.

This is not a library archive, it's a discussion board.

I'm sure you can find a library somewhere out there.

Been looking for it whole day please help i am still a beginner and i want to learn more.And i simply need the code :(

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I already told you, no one is going to give it to you. Begging isn't going to change that. You will have to use Google, SourceForge or similar to find libraries.

This board exists to discuss development projects, exchange ideas, and request assistance when you can't figure out how to fix something in your own code. This board is not a repository for source code of any shape, style, or description.

If you're a beginner, you probably wouldn't understand the source for something like an SMTP server anyway.

Here's a tutorial. Come back and ask questions after you've read it and done some of the examples.

P.S. Avoid using Urgent!!!, ASAP, etc. in your thread titles, the admins really hate that.