using dev c++ as compiler,bt coding the program in c.suppose i hv created 1 program in console application ,compiled it,run it, it works fine,on compiling & running it,. it produces the various supported assosciated with it. like,gmon.out,project.exe,,main.o,main.c,now on seeing these files in notepad 1 can easily determined that program is been implemented in c code. i want to hide all the source code files so that only programmer can cm to know the coding behind it. else no body can cm to know coding & others assosciated file.i hope this can be done by converting all the assosciated file into dll.due to which user will unable to see the code behind it. i want to know how to convert all the assosciated project file of dev c into dll file?as the dll file is unable to see in notepad.although the dll project can also be created in dev c++. bt i dont know how to code in ny1 hlp me sort out this problm.

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