While developing program, i made six to seven text boxes to add the data in mdb database. All the data are properly added to the the database but for presentation purpose i have to show all these in one row & one column only.
Textboxes for address: 1) Flat No 2) Premises Name 3) Road Name 4) Area/Locality 5)Town/District/City 6) State
while adding data all these have seperate text boxes and all are properly updated in database created.
I want to use Datagrid / Msflexgrid / MSHflexgrid to display all these data along with other data. All above (1) to (6) should be displayed under the heading "Address" under one column and one row in Datagrid / Msflexgrid / MSHflexgrid in the same order (1) to (6).

Plz help me

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You need to concatenate the fields to display as address and then populate the grid with the address field.

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