Here's the thing

I want to compile this program in c using the GUI environment, but it isn't working out.
I know that you can make a new project with windows32 GUI but it still isn't 'getting' the custom library.
Am I missing something like linking the library somewhere else?

Could someone test it out and give me the settings or something? It is working on my university (codewarrior) but I also want to work on it at home ((wx)Dev-Cpp)

If someone can get it to work with another free compiler program, I'm fine with that too. I could get used to that.

Here are the files:

Library ChemLib.h:

Source code ChemLib.c:

Chemlib.lib (don't know if it's necessary):

Program. I know this one was working in codewarrior, so that's not the problem

Yes, the program is in Dutch, but I guess setting it up isn't a problem if it's not English?

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Can anyone please help me with this?

I also tried Visual c++ 2008 but I don't know how to do it there either.
When I insert the library in the project options it gives a build error.

So can someone test it out and tell me what to do?

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