I need to run large PDF files of financial reports, saving each Acct. ID to a separate PDF file so I can post electronically (to avoid printing out 800 pages a month and distributing in paper format).

I don't know VB but the attachment shows the steps I need to write.

Since it's so repetitive, I can't believe I can't write a macro to do it. Our IT department does not write code.

Any help would be appreciated.

So I take it you are using some sort of VBA and NOT VB! Like Access, Excel, Word, or some other office product... And since you don't write code and neither does your IT department I would suggest that in the future that you go to http://www.rentacoder.com and place your project up for bid.

Now, as for your requirements. The PDFWriter is a print driver that you install in/on windows. The next step is to make that printer the default printer for the system. After that, there is an *.INI file that you can alter via code to tell the PDF driver where you want it to output its files. The code you need to look up in the help files is...

FreeFile Function
Open Statement
Line Input Function or Input Function 'for reading the file
Print Statement 'for writing the file back out
Close Statement

Now, once you read the file in, you will need to parse certain lines of it. To do this you will need to look these up in the help files...

Instr Function
Mid Function
Left Function
Right Function
Split Function
UCase Statement or LCase Statement
Option Compare Text

So then, once you have altered the ini file to the parameters that you want, you can then use the Printer.Print, Printer.NewPage, Printer.EndDoc in conjunction with your ADO recordset or if the information comes in some sort of report you should be able to print it directly to the printer...

Good Luck