Hi guys Good day.

I just want to ask help on how to hide the start menu and prohibit access to it as well as the task manager and the date and time when the form loads, and restore it back when the form terminate without restarting the computer.

Thank for giving time.

God bless us all.

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Not sure if you can do this anymore blocker, as M$ does not like you to do these things. But, I do know that there is code out there (that worked on older systems) that you can give a try. Now, I believe you know who your friends are by now but if not here is a reminder... (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) and use them to search for...

vb6 hide start bar
vb6 disable ctrl alt del
vb6 hooking start button

Good Luck


This is to prohibit users to change time & date/start menu/ control panel & task manager when the automated examination starts that i previously created. Ill try this few guide.

Thank you.

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