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i just wanna full code of java in store management system

and I just want 5 million € ..
just to dot the i's here:
1. we will NOT do your work for you
2. we do NOT appreciate lazy persons that expect other people to do their work to populate the jobmarket.
3. we are NOT interested in helping those who don't even bother to give a decent description, and who don't even try to write some of the code or analysis theirselves

we DO want to help those who have genuine questions, that tried but got stuck, not because they're a bunch of freeloaders, but because they're trying to improve and just need that little push in the right direction.

so ... start working, write away and if you come across a problem you can't fix yourself, come back, post the relevant code, a decent explanation of what it should do, what it is doing, error-messages and where the error is thrown.
keep in mind though, we won't just copy, compile and run your code, because we don't always have time for that.

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