Hey i have a HW to do an address book storing the names addresses and phone #s and add to address.txt. and the phone is the key so i have to create a search using the phone #. i'm also suppose to use a mygetline function that i don't quite understand yet can someone plz help and give me some ideas.

This is the HW link in case u didn't understand what i was saying.

This is what i started with.

using namespace std;

struct Person
char Phone[30];
char Address[80];
char Name[50];

mygetline(phone);   // will read the data up to '\n'
cin.ignore();       // will ignore '\n' and move course one location
mygetline(address);  // reads the next input up to '\n'
cin.ignore();        //ignores '\n' and moves course after '\n'

The assignment is due Tuesday Nov 8! I hate to inform you but Nov 8 is tomarrow, Thursday. In any event, you are just now starting that assignment ???

Do the program one small step at a time, and compile frequently so that you don't get overwhelmed with errors.

First step is to design the file format. From the looks of that structure each record needs to have the phone, address and name. Since address and/or name can contain spaces I'd suggest surrounding them in the file with quotes or separating them with a comma. The '\n' will be used to separate records.

Next you will need two functions -- one to read a line and save the contents in the structure, probably mygetline() can do that. The other function is to write out the data to the file.

When you get that done, post your results and we'll help with the rest, if you need it. But unfortunately for you I doubt you can complete this assignment by 9:00 am tomarrow morning, which is only 15 hours away in my time zone.

You're in my class. Who are you? I posted a question about this earlier. I can't get the delete function working.

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May as well just visit http://www.cs.fredonia.edu/cswebpage/, click on the "staff" link, figure out which tutor set the homework and then email them directly with a message saying "the following students would like to submit this answer".