was hoping someone with more experience could look over and tell me if these answers look alright.
in red is what i got

-- srand:
a. Should be called before each call to rand.
b. Should be used instead of rand to generate truly random numbers.
c. Is unnecessary in C++.
d. Can use the time function’s return value as an optimal seed value.

--Enumeration constants:
a. Must have unique integer values.
b. Can be assigned other values once they have been defined.
c. Must have unique identifiers.
d. Are declared using the keyword const.

--Which of the following is not a valid enumeration statement?
a. Enum person { me, you, them };.
b. Enum person { me = 1, you = 2, them = 3 };.
c. Enum person { me = 0, you = 0, them = 0 };.
d. Enum person { me, you, me };.

( for this one kinda guest, my logic was that they cannot be all the same or game would be infinite as will always be same)



You're just asking someone to do your homework. You can find the answer to the first question by running a google search for srand. Since this is for a C++ class, I can only assume you are able to compile C++ code, which would let you verify the answers for #2 and #3.