Hey friends i am so excited to join this forum !!
its been 3 month since i`ve been learning turbo C !!
Now i`ve started lerning and making alot of programs !!

Well i am going through one error which is quite funny !! i hope someone of you can help me out in it !!

Well when i use turbo c and then exit from it to return to windows the "Desktop" dose`n appears and hence a black screen comes !! i`ve tried different things but it ain`t quite worked out right !

One thing for certain is that windows is working as once i left behind my music so when i exit from C the music was working also the mouse click sound is coming out just that i can`t see anything !! so i always have to restart my Pc to do anything else !! That has become more irritating and harder to work fluently on C

Please Some one help me out of this trouble !!
Thanks in advance !!!

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not likely to be your compiler but the program you wrote.

i don`t think its the program !! the reason is that if i return without running the program it still shows the same blank screen !!

its simply that once i entered the turbo C IDE i can`t find my desktop view with out restarting the PC !!
it will return to the desktop but will always show the blank screen !!

which version of Turbo C are you using? and which version of MS-Windows? It sounds like the compiler may have changed your window to full-screen command prompt. Did you try just pressing the <Esc> key ?

yes mate i`m running in full screen !!
and its turbo C version 3.0 ! and MS Dos version 5.1 (windows Xp professional one )
normal screen desktop resolution is 1024x768 !

hey friends this problem is definately hurting me !! its happening all the time now listen to this !!
i changed the display screen of turo C from full screen to normal window view made a program nd run it !! afterwards it returned ack to that full screen and then when i tried to exit from that turbo C IDE again it was blank !! this is a killing problem !!

hey friends this problem is definately hurting me !! its happening all the time now listen to this !!
i changed the display screen of turo C from full screen to normal window view made a program nd run it !! afterwards it returned ack to that full screen and then when i tried to exit from that turbo C IDE again it was blank !! this is a killing problem !!

Try to reinstall TC.

I downloaded TC3 and tried it out (ahh .. the not so good memories) and I get the "black screen" thing happening as well. For me I have to wait 10 to 15 seconds when switching from TC to any of my other running Windows applications. I get a delay of this order even when taking the DOS shell option from the File menu in TC.

Besides that it does some "funky" things to the fonts in DOS shell - switches into CGA/EGA mode - even a half blind sucker like me can read the screen from 10 feet away!

Write a little program that prints the size of your int type and if that ain't enough reason to drop TC and run to the hills ... :-/

If you want to use an IDE, then I would advise you to upgrade your setup to something more modern and compatible with Windows XP. Personally, I use two setups:

1. Codeblocks (version 8.0.2) with the MinGW compiler. Here's the link to the download page:

2. the CDT plugin for the Eclipse framework (with MinGW).

I've also used Dev-C++ Bloodshed in the past - it's not too bad, but I prefer the other setup options from above.

Damn! I did it again. I didn't realise the age of this thread. Sorry people.

It would be great if threads of a certain age could be locked so that numbskulls like me don't keep posting to them.

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hi i really like to know how to maid a program in turboc but it tales me a lot of time to know it because of its difficulty. would u pls help me how to maid a pointer program using a turbo c program?

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Turbo C has it's quirks, but here's some hints I use (and I use Turbo C/C++ (the C compiler portion), very often.

1) Use Turbo C/C++, NOT "Turbo C". Turbo C was an earlier product, and is buggy. Turbo C/C++ is fine - I recommend ver. 2.0, but 1.01 is also good.

2) Make the default properties of TC's window, just big enough for a full screen console (not graphic), window. If you set it up with a larger buffer, or a smaller buffer, you'll have problems, because it runs in a small amount of memory

You CAN get a full window, and a nice screen look, with no "black" screen, when you exit.

This is a legacy product and it's free - and very useful for small programs. I use it all the time (almost daily). Very easy interface, and help is quick, just one key combo.

Meaco, what kind of a pointer program are you trying to make? What is the part that is difficult?

If you have some code, please post it, and describe in detail about the program.

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i download it when i run i got an error.. you can see it below...

can any one help me on this problem.... When i run the exe file, a pop up message for me is .. Here is the message below...

"The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. "

What version of MS-Windows do you have? Using Turbo C is a little like putting a Model T engine made in 1890 into a 2012 automobile. You might try running Turbo C in DosBox

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I have Borland Turbo C 2.01, and I learn that you return the black screen to normal by the command "closegraph();" As always, if I have been any help to you I give all glory to Jesus Christ for the remainder of my lives!

I am not able to give tabspace for a c program while giving the input. I am using Turboc Please help me

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****Guys can you help in this problem cos im just a begginer..
Create a program that will allow theuser to intpu 10 integers. The progrem will also determine how many negative and positive entered, even nd odd, how many zeroes were entered as well. At the end, output the counted values.

2nd question
Using the combination of selection and repitition structure, create a program that will allow the use to input an arbitrary number of student's with corresponding your levels and gender. Determine how many are male and female, the number of freshman, sophomore, juunior, sinior students. At the end, output the total number of students input, male , famale, sophies, juniors, siniors.

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Hey there @ Rodrigo_2 ...

Did you know that it is not good manners, in help forums like this,
to "hijack" some other persons "thread" ?

If you really hope to get help,
then please start a new thread with your particular question.

you MUST also show the code you have tried so far
so we can see how to best help you.

If you have no clue how to get started,
there are MANY online tutorials ...
like this one for example:

Six Fast Steps to Programming in C

Or this ...
First steps ... via example programs in C++ and C

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