I'm basically trying to alter the font size for my program in accordance with the resolution; the programming itself is fine, it's more the maths of it which is the problem.

For example:

800x600 - physical font height = 22
1024x768 - physical font height = 22

etc etc.

As for widescreen vs standard resolutions, that's another issue once I figure out this equation.

Thanks in advance.

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Well which OS/Compiler/GUI system are you using?

None of this is standard C++.

Windows, VS2005, built in GUI, C++ but that I assume is beside the point. Arial 22 will be the same pixel size using any OS/compiler or even language with the same resolution. The idea is that increasing or decreasing the resolution of the screen, doesn't effect the overall appearance of the font.

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The end result might be the same, but the APIs to achieve it will be totally different - that's why I asked.

And no, I don't know the answer to your question, but you could try rummaging through MSDN for a while.

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