I am a final year university student quickly nearing my project deadline.
My project is to write an artificial intelligence program for a robot to find its way through a maze. I have been using a Lego Mindstorms Robot and the NXC (Not eXactly C) programming language to write and test my program.
Unfortunately NXC is not well designed (I have identified quite a few bugs and IT DOES NOT SUPPORT FLOATS!) and the NXT robot is very slow. The NXC Bricxcc will only compile on the robot so it was impossible to error check it properly or check the outputs of my equations. Therefore I had to rewrite my entire program in Bloodshed C++, check it, and then transfer it back to NXT.
My artificial intelligence algorithm is complete but at this point I have given up on getting the robot to execute it properly and my deadline is fast approaching!

To this end I have downloaded the Microsoft robotics development studio. With this I can design a simulation robot and maze.
My only problem is transferring my standard C++ algorithm to visual C++. I am sure there is a way to write standard C++ in the robotics studio/visual C++ but I can't figure it out and I'm running out of time.

Does anyone have any advice?

The Visual C++ compiler is near Standard C++ compliant. The only things I am aware of it not doing are full support for exception lists and it has a little problem with really complex template notations used as friends.

Microsoft C++ does have some extensions to C++ however I did not think these should prevent Standard C++ from compiling. However if you do not want to use the Microsoft extensions there is an option in the project to disable Microsoft Extensions. Selecting that should make the Microsoft C++ compiler as standard compliant as it is capable of being.

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