Hi All ,

there is an application for 8051 processor that when u write ur code in asm , and then convert to hex file , this application (EZDL.4) , it Write ur programm to the Microntroller . apparently , this win application written in C++ . thanx for any help for finding this source code for Win Application .

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Are you talking about a disassembler -- a program that takes a *.exe file and converts it to assembly language ?

thanx for ur attention . the link of this application is here :
as i said , when we convert our asm file with an assembler , it produce an object file or Hex file and finally , this win application take a this hex file and Send it to the microcontroler 8051 chip . in fact this win application is a programmer for 8051 chip .
i attached the pic of this application.
i want the source of this win application , apparently write in c++ .
thanx a lot

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Oh now I understand. If you want the source code for that program you will have to ask the program's author for it. It will be free if its distributed as freeware, otherwise you will probably have to pay some money for it.


okey , but the probleme is I can not find the author , otherwise I'will pay some money for it. :)
thanx a lot


He left his email right there on the page you linked to. Try that.

yes , but unfortunately , he didn't a suiatble reply . he said that this app. was written with his student name Mr. Zong ! here is his Reply !:sad:

It was written by my student, Mr.zong. He told me he can provide only exe file.


Then you're out-of-luck. If the author won't release it then you don't have any options left other than try to write the program yourself.


yes , u are right , but now i found his email , try to contact him ....
or may i have to write this app .


Thanks for reply !

It took you two years from posting the original post, to this post. What on earth have been doing in that time? I mean, this thread is only ~10 posts long :)


What a Quick Reply !
I had a Trip Space arround the Moon ... . :$
Just come Back Now !:) :icon_smile:
Actually I had Some Project in ... .
Regards !

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